About Us

About Us

Universal Pioneers

Ready to mobilize job sites in Moundsville, WV, Philadelphia & Pittsburgh PA & Cleveland OH

Universal Pioneers is 100% Union company that specializes in environmental services specializing in erosion and sediment control. Universal Pioneers strives for perfection on each job to minimize earth disturbance and establish new vegetation for permanent stability. We have multiple crews that are able to provide you with an experienced service for your environmental needs. We understand that large projects are sensitive to time and budget, that’s why Universal Pioneers has been trusted by the largest union contractors within the oil and gas industry over many years in Pennsylvania, Ohio, New York, West Virginia, Virginia, and North Carolina.

Universal Pioneers specializes in on-site compost filter sock installation as well as installation of palletized Diamond Sock compost filter sock. Our experienced 100% union employees will install 8” filter sock, 12” filter sock, 18” filter sock, 24” filter sock, and 32” filter sock.

Universal Pioneers


Ready to mobilize job sites in Moundsville, WV, Philadelphia & Pittsburgh PA, Cleveland & Columbus OH

Why us

why us

We are a 100% Union company, environmental friendly: Our filter-sock is photodegradable, quality assurance: Our netting meets all federal, state & local specs, cost effective: Locally sourced composted hardwood material

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