Products & Services

Products & Services

Environmental Products

Build and installation of various size silt sock. Universal Pioneers blows the bark mulch into filter fabric on site, builds the product to the required size, and installs the material where specified.

Palletized Filter sock:  Universal Pioneers offers pre-filled filter sock loaded on to a pallet and shrink wrapped.  Each pre-filled sock contains well-aged shredded and ground hardwoods for exceptional sediment palletprevention.  We also offer our palletized filter sock in super sacks for tough installation.

8” continuous run filter sock pallet (190ft)

12” continuous run filter sock pallet (110ft)

18” continuous run filter sock pallet (55ft)

24” continuous run filter sock pallet (30ft)

Pallets can be requested to include “Filter Sock Kit” each pallet will contain bagged filter material used for chinking as well as the appropriate number of wooden stakes used for installation.

Diversion Sock is also available in 12” pallets, 18” pallets, 24” pallets

switchsockSwitchsock: Diamond Sock SwitchSock uses high strength netting filled with switch grass. The light weight makes SwitchSock a great solution for short term sediment control applications. During restoration. SwitchSock can be cut open and spread similar to straw.
SwitchSock decomposes quickly relative to other tubular sediment control products. Application where light duty sediment control is required such as stream crossings, lay down yard perimeter control and similar applications.
Diamond Sock SwitchSock will stay where it is intended due to its exceptionally strong pale yellow netting will not easily rupture. Switch Grass has been included on their alternative E&S and PCSM best management practice list.
SwitchSock is offered in Palletized form in sizes 8”, 12” 18” and 24” .SwitchSock is also available in any custom size required for your project

Road Wattle: Preventing sediment from migrating from access roads, equipment yards, or stream crossings is why the Diamond Sock Road Wattle was created. Using a robust safety green netting filled with a road wattlemixture of pine straw and compost delivers a light weight durable and high performance wattle designed to visable, easy to handle, and tough.
Road wattle can be used to slow water and stop sediment. Placed at an angle the Road Wattle will deflect sediment into vegetated area. The light weight means it can be moved and replaced with ease.
The tough netting lets the Road Wattle to be moved, replaced, or even run over while maintaining its filtering ability. Prevents mud washing into public roads. Road Wattle also makes an excellent ditch check. A one man installation team can put down road wattles quickly with nothing more complex than a hammer for stakes.
Diamond Sock Road Wattle uses a unique 444 lbs polyester netting, the toughest wattle netting made in high visibility green. Netting is filled with pine straw, which acts as an excellent filtration and is very light in weight.
Road Wattle is offered in pre-cut fixed lengths coming in 12ft, 15ft, and 21ft lengths.

filter matBlackhawk Inlet Filter Mat: Magnetically attached to the storm water inlet’s grate, the vertically aligned coir fibers of Blackhawk Mat create a high flow, extremely effective sediment and debris filter.
Scalloped edges and top surface inlet ports create and exceptionally large filtration surface that practically eliminates sediment and dramatically reduces chances of street flooding.
• No equipment needed for installation
• Can be cleaned and re-used
• Filter mat applied to the grate surface
• High filtration rate with excellent sediment removal
• Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection Approved
• Can be cleaned and reused

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Why us

why us

We are a 100% Union company, environmental friendly: Our filter-sock is photodegradable, quality assurance: Our netting meets all federal, state & local specs, cost effective: Locally sourced composted hardwood material

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Our Services

Filter Sock: Compost filter sock & silt sock install

We have the capability to install compost filter sock and compost silt sock of all sizes throughout the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, and Southeast regions.
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Hydro-seeding Services

Hydro-seeding is very effective when planting a large area in a very short amount of time. Hydro-seeding is planting process that uses a slurry of seed and mulch and is also used as an effective erosion control technique on large construction sites.
Our Services

Silt fence or Filter fence Installation

Silt fence is a Geo-textile stretched between a series of wooden stakes along a horizontal contour. Silt fences temporarily maintain sediment during construction and excavation activity.
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Straw mulching/straw matting

Erosion control blankets are applied and used to slow down the speed in which water moves across the surface.
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Stone/Rock installation

We offer installation on site for stabilization of construction entrances or anywhere else to meet your stone or rock needs.